This Christmas, let's start ROMANCING with LIFE!





Let’s face it! Life is such a busy bee, and so are we! As humans, we go through a turmoil of events in just a single day: activities, meetings, numerous e-mails, demanding relationships, phone calls, messages, some good and some not so good opinions of people, and what not. Amidst all the chaos, it’s exceptionally easy to become overwhelmed and let it get the best of you. A long-term accumulation of this tendency results in compelling you to lose hold of your own personal vision, and to start seeing yourself through the eyes of others. In the worst case scenario, both your outer and inner-self become completely enslaved to the external situations. You give so much (time, resource, energy) to others (situations and people), that you start losing yourself. Finally, you feel stressed, depressed and downgraded ; and what comes to your mind now, is either an absence or a lack of happiness in your once unexcelled life. Ultimately, lying on a pile of self-pity, you find a huge mess- YOURSELF!

Who doesn’t feel emotionally low, stressed or under-confident at some or the other point in life? I am a rigid believer of the fact that every problem arrives with it’s own set of solutions (yes guys, not just one solution, but a number of them). Woo, that makes me feel so optimistic! You just have to be sharp-witted to solve the puzzle and come up with solutions that best suit you. You my friend, always have a chance to re-discover yourself!

Everyone handles stress differently. Here is my advice for anyone who wants to decompress/destress life. It’s a four-step plan, and you can try as less or as many steps as you want to. A little good news! Feel free to execute these steps in any order that you like! After all, freedom of choice is of utmost importance!

So here we go…. Reclaim yourself… NOW!

  1. Go to the gym/ involve yourself in any form of physical exercise: Do you know physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that leave you feeling happier and relaxed? Not only does it help you manage your weight, but also aids in preventing as well as treating mental health problems. Please bear this in mind that exercising is a great tool to enhance your mood and well being. It may seem difficult and challenging initially (it definitely will!), but trust me you, it’s going to be an efficient tool to unwind your life off the emotional and physical stresses. Your life already looks a little sorted!
  2. Throw yourself on the bed or wherever you want to (except for throwing yourself off some cliff, that’s a big no no! Remember, there is solution to even the biggest issues in life?) and cry your heart out: Just cry those toxins out! It’s time you grab a box of Kleenex, and relieve yourself off all the pain and sorrow. Are you not feeling lighter? That’s because your misery is rolling down your cheeks, bit by bit. Give it a sincere chance to get out of your precious inner-self. Release it all happily! Bid it farewell!
  3. Read Books: Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Reading a book not only exercises your brain, but also expands your vocabulary, boosts memory, and improves communication skills. I am not asking you to read academic books, but any book that sparks an interest and curiosity within you, grab hold of it! Do it now! Go to your nearest book store or order online. Books can be your best mates, they do deserve a chance. Try them out! Many people in the history may have gone through similar difficulties as you, having written books to elaborate their own experiences and how they dealt with it. You never know, in the process of reading, you may end up getting an effective solution to your own problem! Start with a simple and short book, develop your taste, and eventually experiment with genres of books. Your search for a lifelong friend and companion has ended here!
  4. Go out, meet friends: I totally agree that in times of sadness, going out is the last thing on your mind. But, tell me something! Sitting alone at home and crying, will that lift your mood? Is your broken self going to be grateful to you for sulking the whole day lying in bed? Answer is NO! As challenging as it may sound, the best thing you can do for yourself in times of stress and anxiety, is to push yourself get out of bed, and meet your friends; to have pizza, chocolate cake or whatever else you fancy eating, or even better go shopping!. If you are hugely depressed, invite your friend/friends home. The biggest disease known to mankind is loneliness. You just can’t afford to let yourself be lonely, especially when you are feeling extremely low or unhappy. It’s like corrupting yourself! It’s okay to spend some solo time figuring out things, but it’s not at all acceptable to throw yourself into darkness. Life has got a brighter side to it, and we all DESERVE to witness and enjoy it. Don’t enslave your precious-self to gloominess..never ever! End of story!

I am pretty sure that if you perform these four simple acts in any order, you will be distressed and you will DEFINITELY decompress your life to a great extent.

To those of you wondering why am I concerned about you, or making your life a little happier, I have a valid explanation…

You, yes you!! You, reading my post, I want to let you know that you are abundant in your existence, that your life is precious, and that you matter to this world – so much that you can’t let getting yourself lost amidst the temporary adversities of life. Life is a beautiful challenge, a game that you need to play smartly. So, are you up for this smart game called “Zindagi/Life”? I surely am, cause I am “in love with Zindagi”.

PS: I would love to hear your ways of decompressing life/eliminating stress. Please, do share!

Love and Hope,




It’s Magical to love and be loved. Why? Because true love liberates. It never ever holds back. What holds back is ego, and ego and love are not connected. It’s easy to mix the two together, but love never binds, it’s always liberating!

How do I know this? Because, I have had a first-hand experience of being loved in a magical way. As of today, my most prized possession is the feeling of being immensely special in the lives of two amazing people; people who have brought me into existence. Yes, I am talking about my first love – my parents. In the beginning, it was a one-sided love from their side. I was just this little baby trying to survive in this world, and was making use of my parents as a medium. As selfish as it may sound, I barely understood the simple yet complicated feeling called love back then. I was striving to hold on to my life on this new planet, which would have been a complete disaster without the care, attention and affection from my generous parents. All of a sudden, they had started living for me. Suddenly, I became their top priority. I was now the centre of their lives. This is how love was giving me it’s taster sessions, and my mentors were no other than my own parents. By now, the once one-sided love had ignited on the other side as well. And, then the fun lessons began!

Lesson 1:

I am a person free in my thoughts, life, education, choices and learning. I am FREE! Who doesn’t want to be free? All of us do! True love has gifted me this freedom; to never fear life, to never fear failures, to never fear heartbreaks, to never fear being a loser, to never fear criticisms, to never fear fear itself. You know what I do with all these fears? I befriend, tame and set them all free. I take time to understand my fears and accept them, instead of chaining them to the heavy steel chair in the centre of my heart. That way, it thinks twice before causing me any harm, because it’s free in it’s existence in an organised fashion. This is what my parents used to do to the untamed young version of me. They would always let me dissipate my feral energy in a constructive way, so as to not suffocate my existence. I, now do the very same to all the good and not so good elements of my own-self. This way, I set myself free.

Lesson 2:

I remember, while I was leaving my parent’s house for further education in 2005 (yes, girls in India don’t just leave their parent’s house after marriage, but also to pursue their dreams), they tried making me understand that life would get difficult and challenging at times. I could see in their eyes, the concern of letting go the centre of their world on an expedition to explore life on her very own. However, somewhere deep within, they knew that it was time that I got the real and evolved perspective of life, the wild view of it. Yes, they were protective and loving, but they were determined that no matter what life threw at me, I would still love life because they had taught me to love myself. By now, they had trained me to value my own merits and demerits, and amidst all the internal and external chaos, to still value and respect my identity. This is why I say, love liberates!

Lesson 3:

While I was about to take my very first solo journey, my parents lovingly said, “Remember this, you can always come home, no matter what”.

I have gone home every time life slammed me down, I took their refuge each time situations put me down. I, at times have gone back home with happiness and joy, but most of the times with worries, mistakes, tears, heartaches, bad mood, financial issues and what not. Still, they never once said, “See, we told you it’s difficult out there and you never listened to us”. Instead, every time that I paid them a visit, they would say, “Oh, my darling you are home! Mumma is gonna cook your favourite dish, and Papa is gonna take you for shopping”. They liberated me to life at that instant, and they still do. THIS IS LOVE. Love liberates!

Lesson 4:

Their love has the potential to ignore my biggest mistakes, or the fact that I unknowingly ignore them at times, or talk to them a little roughly. By making me feel extraordinarily special, their true love empowers me with the strength to turn the most negative emotions that reside within me, into positive ones. My life feels worth living and enjoying. They make me realise how precious I am to them, how important my existence is, and that I matter in this world. They VALIDATE my existence. This is what LOVE is. Love liberates!

Lesson 5:

One day, while I was in the middle of a crisis in my life, I was having this intense telephonic chat with my parents. They kept asking me, “Darling, are you fine?”. Me, in the midst of all my disappointments said, “I am okay. Will you please stop asking the same question over and over again?”. Without a trace of disappointment from my not so fine tone of reply they said, “Darling, we think you are the bravest and strongest woman we have ever known”. They further added, “You belong in the category of highly courageous, confident people. No matter how tough life gets, you are unbreakable. You may feel defeated for a little while, but you won’t be a failure at life ever. You are truly inspirational, and that’s the reason we ask you to take care of yourself, because your existence matters. We are here for anything and everything you need. Remember, you don’t need to worry because you have us”.

Right then, I said to myself, “Suppose they are right, because they are intelligent people, then I may have something in me that would be of value not just to me, but to others as well. I may contribute something to this world.” I, spontaneously felt alive. They released me right then, they freed me. You see, that’s Love. It does liberate!

Lesson 6:

My parents have given me two absolutely precious things: WINGS to fly high and ROOTS to stay grounded. By never clipping my wings, they gave me the permission to explore life and consider it as a classroom. Their love has made me understand that though, I may feel defeated at times in life, yet I will never be a failure. They have made me “Believe in myself”. That’s love! It will never betray you, enslave you or dismay you, it will set you free.

Lesson 7:

Love says, I love you. I love you if you are in India, or in UK. I love you if you are a success , or a failure. I love you if you are rich, or poor. I love you if you are happy, or sad. I love you if you are across the world, or in my lap.

Love says, I would like to be near you, I would like to have you in my arms, I would like to hear your voice in my ear, or to hug you tight, but my love wants you to “go live your dreams and to explore life”. My love for you compels me to set you free, because darling, that’s what love is! Distance isn’t an issue, because in the end I have you!

Introspection Time: 

Who comes to your mind when you think of love? Who is that someone who has changed the course of your life for better? Who do you think has helped you, or helps you to become a better version of yourself? Who makes you feel extremely valuable?

If you have even a single such person in your life, consider yourself lucky. Why not call or message them now, and let them know what a gem they are?

If not, keep looking! You may unexpectedly bump into a person who would not merely accept you, but WANT you with all your flaws, imperfections and mistakes. Someone, who would have the magical power of love to transform the course of your entire life.

However, what’s equally important is to BE one of these loving people in someone else’s life, to liberate someone going through a difficult phase in life, and to be a ray of hope for someone.

Does our love have the capability to set the spirit of our lover free? Is our love capable of helping someone get a better reflection of themselves? If not, let’s try and be better lovers. Who knows, in the process we might end up being better humans!

Love and Hope,


This Christmas, let’s start ROMANCING with LIFE!


Meet me! I am a Zindagi lover, Zindagi admirer, Zindagi believer, Zindagi fighter and Zindagi survivor.

ZINDAGI”, translated as “LIFE” in English, is what pumps my heart and soul with curiosity to not merely breathe this precious life, but study the ingredients it’s made of – the sweet, the sour and the salty bits of it. This is what enables me to develop a taste, a flavour of life. And, believe me you, LIFE is anything but UGLY. Yummy, Delicious, Fascinating, Gripping, Engaging, Fierce and Captivating – this is all Zindagi is!

So, coming to the BILLION DOLLAR question- Are you tired of life being Unfair, tough and challenging? Do you deal with life as some sort of extremely difficult examination that you are obliged to pass? Are you struggling to find a reason behind your own existence? Do you crave for life to be more meaningful and balanced? Do you want to understand life in the depths of simplicity?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, well, then I would like to welcome you onboard. Have a window or an aisle seat (choice is yours, whichever seat gives you the best view of Zindagi), and fasten your seat belts because, we, ladies and gentlemen are going to take off on this adventurous expedition titled “inlovewithzindagi”.

Wondering who am I? Hello, Amazing People (accompanied with a Virtual Handshake)! This is the Captain of “swatiinlovewithzindagi” speaking. I have been on this enthralling voyage of experiencing life in it’s wholesome form since forever. I must confess that I have had my good share of jet lags, major turbulence, ups and downs, and even some near fatal accidents. Nevertheless, I have never feared to change my flight seat at different instances in life, thereby, managing to capture the best view of Zindagi in that specific moment of adversity or ecstasy. Zindagi, in it’s most raw form, is a teacher, a friend, a guide, an entertainer and a rule-breaker. It’s absolutely fun to live Zindagi to it’s fullest! Trust me, it definitely is!

Before we begin our journey together, please be mindful of the fact that I am the Captain of “swatiinlovewithzindagi”, and YOU are the Captain of “_________inlovewithzindagi (this blank space needs to be filled by your name)”. Being on the same flight, we will all be experiencing, enjoying, tackling, and navigating through Zindagi together, but YOU and ONLY YOU are the Captain of your own “inlovewithzindagi” adventure. Smart are those who secure the control system of their lives in their own hands!

Finally, it’s time! We are taking off, and I am so electrified. Are you not? Amidst all the craziness, adrenaline rush, joy, beauty, chaos and every panorama that Zindagi offers, let’s try and be playful in understanding Zindagi, because only if we understand it, will we fall “inlovewithzindagi”.

 This Christmas, let’s start ROMANCING with life!

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